Attachments: Used or New Available
                                            Note that there many more attachments available than the ones listed below.
There is an attachment for virtually every material handling situation however there are some requirements that you need to consider. The lift truck needs to have the valves necessary  to control the functions. Also hydraulic or sometimes electric power has to be delievered to the attachment. Attachments add weight to the front of the forklift as well as move the lift trucks centre of gravity away from the forklift. Adding any attachment requires the re-calculation of the rated acpacity of the lift truck. You can depend on Ogie's experience to make sure you have the right attachment, fitted properly .
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  Cascade Class II Rotator  $SOLD
Bolzoni Class II Rotator SOLD
  Rightline 8YB7242-03 8000lb Class III 72" Sideshift  $500.00 (Less Forks)