Authorized Dealer

  • 24 Hour Service Available
  • Well Stocked Road Service Vans
  • Fully Mobile Tire Press For Cushion & Pneumatics
  • Fully Insured for Propane, Natural Gas, Diesel & Electric
  • Large Inventory of Toyota/Clark/Yale Parts In Stock
  • Parts for most all Makes & Models usually overnight
  • Emission Testing/Annual Safety Inspections(LDI)
  • Forks/Chains/Mufflers/Mast Bearings

Ogie's, state of the art 175 Mobile Ton Tire Press is equipped to handle the full range of press on cushion and solid-pneumatic tires.
With installation done right at your location.



We offer completely mobile on site tire pressing and installation.

Please call or email us your requirements or for a quotation.