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Rough Terrain Rentals

MERLO 38.13
8300 lb capacity, 41 foot lift height 
JCB 530
6000 lb capacity
22' lift height

5000 LB capacity
18' lift 
JCB 550-140
10000 lb capacity
45' lift height



JLG 120-55
12000 lb , 4WD , 55' lift height


JCB 940
8000 lb 4wd Diesel Rough Terrain


JCB930 6,000Lb, 22' Lift 

4wd Diesel Rough Terrain

Pneumatic Tired Rentals

Toyota 7FGU25 or 7FDU25 with CAB
5000lb pneumatic LPG or Diesel

Toyota 7FGU30

6000lb Pneumatic LPG


8000lb Pneumatic LPG

Toyota 7FGU25 or 7FDU25 

 5000lb Pneumatic LPG or Diesel

Heli CPYD25-RC3G 
5000lb Pneumatic LPG

Toyota  8FGU25 or 8FDU25
5000lb Pneumatic LPG or Diesel

Heli FD50P
5000lb Pneumatic Diesel

Toyota 8FDU30
6000lb Pneumatic Diesel
                                 Heli CPCD30-KU10G
                               6000lb Pneumatic Diesel

Cushion Tired LPG Rentals

Toyota 7FGCU25
5000lb Cushion LPG

6000lb Cushion LPG

Toyota 8FGCU25
5000lb Cushion LPG

Hyster S155
15500lb Cushion LPG
Yale GLC155
17300lb Cushion  LPG 

Electric Forklifts , Pallet Trucks & Stackers

Toyota 7FBH25
5000lb 4-Wheel Electric Pneumatic


Late Model Electric
Walkie Electric Pallet Truck

4000lb and 6000lb



Toyota 7FBEC20
4000lb Three Wheel Electric


Construction / Contractors Equipment

Plant Maintenance & Accessibility Equipment

Genie Z34-22 LPG All  Terrain "Knuckle Boom"

Skyjack Scissors Lifts 






Gennie Z45-25 LPG All terrain "knuckle boom"
Genie 2668 rough terrain scissors